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Pass Plus

Pass Plus Course Colchester

What is Pass Plus?

Pass plus is a course designed by the Driving Standards Agency specifically aimed at newly qualified drivers. One in five drivers are involved in an accident within a year of passing their test. Pass Plus is designed to extend and build on the skills learned to pass the driving test.

When can I do Pass Plus?

Pass Plus must be taken within a year of passing the driving test. If you would like to improve your driving and have held a licence longer than a year, why not try one of our refresher courses or get some motorway tuition.

What does Pass Plus Involve?

The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules...

The course takes six hours to complete with at least 30 mins being spent on each module. You can complete the course in one 6 hour session or break it down in to three 2 hours sessions. The 6 hour sessions will require a 30 minute break every two hours for refreshments to help keep you fresh and alert.

Can Pass Plus save me money?

You can save up to 30% off the cost of your car insurance. However, we do recommend you shop around and compare quotes, not all insurers recognise Pass Plus and these insurers are sometimes cheaper.